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By Jessica Wy

Vance Creek, Washington

Carley Waito

Purple Gladiola Flow Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Toa Maru Soft Coral - Gizo, Solomon islands by Rowland Cain on Flickr.


Rainy Day by soulties

q4297542 by 水蠟燭 on Flickr.

Little Imps eat my motivation

So I’m at that point right now where I have written and memorised the entire script for my next youtube video but just don’t have the time to record it, between volunteering at my daughters school and fulfilling my mummy and wifey duties. And when that rare moment arrives that I actually find myself with a little time…..well i just can’t be bothered and want to do nothing but curl up on the couch and watch movies….I always have the best intentions when I finally rest my head on my pillow of a night time. I say to myself over and over again: “tomorrow if I find myself with some spare time, I WILL record this video”. I have so much conviction as I drift off to sleep. Yet somehow the next day, I find myself wasting what little spare time I have, on the couch. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I have imps in my bedroom. They wait patiently in the shadows whispering and giggling to themselves, waiting for the opportune moment when I am in my deepest point of slumber….and that’s when they attack! They climb up onto my bed and feed on my motivation and convictions until there is nothing left but the desire to watch trashy movies and conveniently forget about making my next youtube video…so alas, until I find some ingenious way of capturing these little imps and releasing them into the wild, I guess I will just continue to waste my spare time and procrastinate…


Barn Owl in flight by Nigel Pye